Pre-Construction Due Diligence


Due Diligence Guide when planning to build a horse barn or equestrian facility

Building the perfect horse barn facility can be quite a daunting task. With so many decisions, choices, and options, one can seem overwhelmed. Because of this, the need to plan ahead is never more important than when you begin to think about building. Proper planning and completing your due diligence will result in a higher quality equestrian facility which is best suited for you and your horses. Proper planning also results in decreased maintenance costs, operating costs, and expansion costs. Here are some considerations for choosing your equestrian builder.

This guide has been written to help you analyze your building needs both current and future, your budget, size and purpose of the building, and any known deadlines. It is written to help you begin thinking about general questions that you are sure to be asked in the near future by your equestrian builder.

Am I Ready to Build?

Has a budget been set?
What is the dollar amount?
It is enough?
Is it a flexible budget?
How much change will it allow?
How much square foot space do I think I will need?
Will this amount of space allow for future growth?
Describe the possible future expansions?
Will I need any accessory buildings?
What date do I need the project completed by?
How will the seasons affect the timing of my project?
Is financing available for this project?
Will it be construction financing and then converted into permanent financing?
Will it be permanent financing from the start?
Do I need assistance in order to obtain financing?
Do I need to have plans drawn up?
What do I want the building to look like?
What building styles and types of construction do I like?
What colors, finishes, and fixtures do I like?
What permits will I need and how much cost will these entail?

Which Aspects Will I Need Help With?

Do I need to hire an:
Equestrian Architect
Equestrian Builder

Do I want to hire an Equestrian Builder to coordinate all phases of construction and be my one single contact?

Am I interested in taking a Design / Build approach to this project with a qualified Equestrian Builder?

Selecting your Equestrian Builder

What capabilities should the equestrian builder possess?
Can the equestrian builder help me with site selection?
Planning and design?
What is the experience and credibility of the equestrian builder?
Does the equestrian builder have references?
Does the equestrian builder offer Full Service Design?
Does the equestrian builder have knowledge of the project?
Does the equestrian builder have Landscape Design experience?
What is the local reputation of the equestrian builder?
Can I visit a past project and perform a personal inspection of their work?
How many projects similar to mine has the equestrian builder completed?
Does the equestrian builder specify quality building materials and products?
How well does the equestrian builder know the field of construction?
Does the equestrian builder have relationships with quality and reputable sub-contractors in the area?

Preliminary Budget

What do I need to include in my budget:

Architectural fees
Architectural rendering fees
Engineering costs
Insurance costs
Legal fees
Real estate fees
Site work costs
Permitting fees
Other fees


Has land been selected?
If not, do I need help with the site selection?
Is the site large enough for the proposed project and any future expansion?
Will I need “Land Development” approval?
Will I need any variance or special exceptions?
Are there any easements on the site?
Will the easements interfere with the site’s intended use?
Does the site sit in a flood plain?
Are there any unusable areas of the site?
Will the excavation requirements for this site be extensive?

Site Development

Will the site work be included in construction of the actual building?
Will Landscaping be included in site work?
Will the site work include Mechanical and Utility connections?
How will rock or unsuitable soil be handled if we hit it?
What site work is needed?
Is demolition needed?
Is there any site clearing needed?
How much rough grading will be needed?
Will this site require a dirt import or export?
What storm water controls will I need?
Erosion and sediment controls needed?

Are there any governmental regulations that will impact the site?

How do I deal with these regulations?

The Kaiser-Martin Group Construction Company is a full service Design / Build Equestrian Builder that would be happy to help you with your next project. If you need help in answering these questions, just give us a call or email us and we will help you through the process of constructing your building.

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